Fixed Signage

We have a number fixed signage options available to promote your brand and business. The basic form of fixed signage is a standard printed store sign. There are a number of print options and materials available to you when choosing your store sign. We endeavour to make your sign stand the test of time but different materials and print methods have different looks, suit different placements, and have different looks. If you’re not sure what type of sign you want just let us know where it’s going, how big it will be, and how you want it to look and we’ll advise you as best we can.

There are totem signs, also known as monolith signs, that are most commonly used outside petrol stations, the entrances to retail and business parks, and drive-thru restaurants. Totem signs are a great way to draw attention and look especially impressive when lit up from the inside or by ground level spotlights.

Banner signs are another great way to draw attention and we can provide a number of fixed solutions such as wall mounted banner pole systems or brackets to attach to existing structures. Great signage that can be used both inside and out.

Perhaps the most eye catching and impressive form of signage are illuminated signs. They can really bring a storefront or advert to life and are really effective and drawing attention to your corporate brand or message.

If you have pre-existing artwork we can get to work right away creating your custom sign but if you don’t have no fear. We have a design team fully capable and ready to create fixed signage to your specifications. Whether you need text and images laying out to look nice or you need a whole logo and brand redesign we can help.

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